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minniepucks inquired:

[text] Not particularly, no.

TEXT: And have we not been doing this since we’ve met, dear Emma? Why change something that works?

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Vegan food is the only thing I eat~

I wish I could say that but in reality I am a terrible vegan.

There’s no such thing as bad vegan I believe. I think it’s whatever makes you feel would works best for you.

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Made some delicious blueberry oatmeal waffles for breakfast. Vegan food is the best food.

Vegan food is the only thing I eat~

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[text] Well, no..

TEXT: Do you want me to stop?

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[text] You know I believe you :P [text] I don't know, you tell me. I know you're the relationship type and you know why I'm not. I just wouldn't want to lead you on...

TEXT: Does it bother you?

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[text] Mhmm ;P

TEXT: Your suspicion of my honesty wounds me deeply, Emma.
TEXT: Would it be really that bad?

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[text] Harvey Berry - are you flirting with me?

[TEXT]: I’m merely speaking the truth. :-)

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I thought today would be the day I get to take my dog back home but nope. Oh well, at least the kitchen is nice, just need to get some groceries to be able to actually cook. There’s also 4 days left until I go to Hawaii and I’m not sure how much is too much to pack?


There’s only one picture of your puppy, Harper, fix it. Just remember that you’ll always end up buying more things than you brought. I would just bring one change of clothes and buy whatever you need when you’re down in Hawaii.

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[text] Sounds wonderful. I always love getting to spend time with you. :)

[TEXT]: ;-)

[TEXT]: You won’t be able to rid of me if you keep saying these things, Emma. 

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[text] I'm sorry about the loss, Knightley :( Any way I can help cheer you up? ~ Emma

[TEXT] : You win some and you lose some, I’ll be okay. I’m going down to Colorado tomorrow, I’m still in Montreal right now… Perhaps some quality time when I come home next week? :-)

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